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How can I find out if there are any available studios or apartments?

We can e-mail you a list of available studios/apartments along with videos and prices, depending on when you are interested in renting (from when until when). Contact us by phone, email or facebook.

Can I rent a studio for a short time period?

The studios in most buildings are usually rented for a full year (12 months), starting from the 1st of September and ending on the 31st of August of the next year. There are additional properties not detailed in our website (3-bedroom apartments and studios) rented specifically to erasmus students for up to 12 months. As an exception and depending on our availability, there is also the possibility for even shorter stays, eg 1 month only during the summer. You are not allowed to break a lease prematurelly based on Greek law. Contact us for information depending on the time period you are interested in.

I live abroad, can I book a studio online?

Yes, we can e-mail you videos and information of the available studios and after you have chosen the one you like best, you can book it by making a bank transfer of the security deposit.

How do I reserve a studio? Do I need a deposit/down-payment?

To book a studio you need to make a bank transfer of a security deposit (1 or 2 months’ rent depending on the total rental time period) which is returned on your departure at the end of your lease. We will send you the lease agreement which you can sign electronically for the specific rental time period.

When should I contact you for a reservation?

Full time students should complete their booking between May-July for the new academic year. For students coming in for the fall semester (September-February) we accept bookings from April/May. For students coming in for the spring semester (February-June) we accept bookings from September. For any summer courses or other irregular periods please contact us at least 1-2 months prior to your arrival. We recommend not to leave your accommodation to be booked at the last minute. That being said, if you are in Thessaloniki and looking for accommodation please do contact us, as we may have a vacancy at any time.


How far are the studios from Aristotle University?

The University campus is 5-10 minutes away on foot. You can take a look at a detailed map of Aristotle University with the location of each school following the link:

Is Alexander Technical Educational Institute of Thessaloniki (ATEITH) far? How can I get there?

The Institute’s campus is outside the city, at Sindos. The only way to get there by public transportation is with a bus line that starts and stops at Thessaloniki railway station. You can take a bus from any of our buildings to the station (bus stop is just 2 minutes away). We do not recommend staying close to the station or at Sindos.

How can I get to the building from the airport / train / bus station?

We have partnered with Welcome Pickups in order to provide a care-free and safe transportation solution with a driver waiting for you at your pickup point. You can make a booking here: Welcome Pickups

Otherwise you can use public transport - you can check the route here, but it is not as convenient.


Is the neighbourhood safe?

The area is very safe as it is a very central part of town and is a quiet neighbourhood. It is mostly inhabited by students because it is so close to the university. As all of our buildings are very close to police stations, you can feel very safe in any case. We have not had a single incident concerning the safety of our tenants for the past 15 years.

What kind of security measures / features are there in the buildings?

You can only enter the building and common areas with the use of a magnetic card that can’t be copied. There are security cameras in the entrance and the hallways of the buildings. Oikotrust has an office in 2 of the buildings and our staff is there during weekdays. In addition, our staff conduct regular security checks in the common areas of all buildings almost daily.


What kind of heating system is used?

The heating is central (at Agias Sofias building only) using natural gas and operates as much time is needed, automatically regulating the internal temperature based on how cold it is outside. Each tenant can bring the heat down in his/her own studio, if it’s too hot. Heating / cooling is through air conditioning units in the rest of the buildings, which are externally fully thermally insulated so that heating / cooling needs are reduced.

Is there a limit in water or power consumption?

There is no limit on consumption, however we encourage tenants to be responsible with regards to consumption for environmental and sustainability reasons.

Is there a land line or installation for a land line?

We have installed wiring for a private phone/internet line, although it is usually not necessary as a web connection is provided by us and the tenants are usually content with just a cell phone.

Is there a TV or installation for watching TV?

We have installed wiring for digital TV in each studio/apartment. There are no TVs in the studios/apartments, but you can bring one yourself.

Is there an oven? Can we bring one?

There are one or two hot-plates, but you can bring your own small oven or microwave oven.

Are pets allowed?

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed in any of our buildings, according to the building regulations.

Can my parents or friends sleep over?

Of course they can, as long as you do not abuse that right and have people living on a permanent basis with you. Remember that you are fully responsible for the conduct of your guests.

Do I have to be a student to live in one of Oikotrust’s studios?

People who stay with us are mostly students (Aristotle Univerisity, Alexander Technological Institute, private institutions and colleges, Erasmus, etc.) post-graduate students, professors and young professionals that come for their “stage” or for seminars, etc. If you are not in one of those categories, please contact us so we can better assist you.

The above questions/answers are indicative and ansers may vary a bit at each building, please refer to each specific building's regulations and lease conditions.


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